I believe this tree is undergoing an identity crisis. Half of it wants to be blazing oranges and reds, the other half is stuck in the lushness of summer. I know which side I prefer, but come on….its only September 23rd!

Fall colors will always remind me of my wedding bouquet.


Dinner tonight may have taken the lead as my favorite fall meal. It was simple and so satisfying. Spaghetti and what used to be meatballs (now tofu) is my comfort meal. Carbs carbs carbs.

Oh yeah. Grilled tofu, on the George Foreman, atop a bed of spaghetti squash and TJ’s marinara sauce. Fantastic.

One thing I realized is that it didn’t fill me up like actual spaghetti does, but in a good way. I didn’t feel weighed down. Plus, one cup of the squash has something like 45 calories?!

Rock on fall.


This is how my day started. See the ❤ ?

Gotta get some use out of that espresso maker!

I am at home today working on some personal projects and stopped for lunch. I was inspired by this recipe I saw in Cooking Light. I converted it from quesadilla to sandwich form and was pleased with the results.

I started with whole wheat bread smeared with double cream brie that was one sale at Shaw’s. Love that.

Then I found a use for this little guy, fresh from the pickin’ last weekend.

Sliced it real thin…

Dotted the brie with mustard.

On to arugula

About five minutes on the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling machine and it was perfect.

I would add more apple next time. I am usually afraid of overdoing fruit flavors, but the mustard was what I mostly tasted. Very good though. I forgot how much I love brie.

Happy first day of fall!! I am planning on enjoying every second of it.

Sunday night’s dinner turned out really well. The recipe comes from a small cookbook my Mom gave us, “Cooking for Two”. It is really nice to know that the recipe should only be feeding us, but it still made a lot of pasta!

Here are the ingredients:

It was pretty simple. The thing that took the longest was sauteeing the onions and bacon.

But once that was done it comes together very quickly. The final product:

The egg added a creaminess to the dish. We got to use fresh parsley from our garden too!

I used our huge pasta bowels so I had to practice portion control. For me at least, I served myself first and gave the rest to Wayne. 🙂

We also worked on our garden plot this weekend. And by “we” I mean “he”. I started digging in the dirt only to realize that I really don’t like getting dirty. 😉

We have plot number 15. We’ll see what vegetables we got out this season. We already have some kale growing!

It is the weekend again which means that I have time to blog! I don’t know how those bloggers do it who blog three times per day. I have to say, as impossible as it would be for me to do that, I do like reading those blogs. It is fun to see how people spend their time. I think part of the reason I like blogs in general are for the same reasons that I like to read- I just like stories about people. Their day-t0-day activities, their attitudes, their relationships and of course their food! I pretty much just like to snoop in other people’s lives. 🙂

I had a day off earlier this week from working another weekend (I work every fourth). So I went around Cambridge and took some pictures of things that I pass regularly that might be interesting.

According to Wayne (my husband, I should give him a name), I hold the camera wrong. But it just feels so right.

This guy is spotted not far from our apartment. We live near a little park that marks a battle scene from the revolutionary war. We are big fans of General Washington in this household. Nerdy, we know.

This is on the window of a yoga studio that I pass when I walk to the grocery store. I actually really like it, as kind of creepy as it is.

Spring rocks.

I live near Central Square in Cambridge and it is incredibly diverse. This mural is very interesting, although I am not sure what it is getting at.

This where we I can go…

to buy local!

Ok, enough of my world. Here are some of my eats.

This doesn’t look that appetizing, but I swear it was good. This is actually leftovers so most of the liquid was soaked up overnight. I threw together some carrots, celery and leftover broccoli with some leftover chicken that I shredded. I cooked it all in diced tomatoes, chicken broth and tomato paste with some spices. It turned out really good!

With my faux sour cream topping.

And a piece of cornbread, which to me is like cake. Such a good meal!

Plus a snack to go with some reading.

I made these bad boys for a coworker. Here is the recipe. They are incredibly rich. I used almond butter instead of peanut butter. A coworker said, “You would do that, Brooke”.

Dinner last night on a dirty plate, doh!

I have made it a tradition to go to Trader Joe’s every Friday after work. It makes me happy. We made simple burgers with a tomato and mozzarella salad.

I love throwing together meals.

Now we are heading off to a small diner for some breakfast! Happy weekend!

My husband brought home this the other day:

It is actually shad roe- a sack full of fish eggs. I hear that it is a delicacy and only available during a short period of time in the spring. I like to think I am open minded about food, but working at a hospital seemed to weaken the appeal of this.

It was pan fried:

And served with a lemon wedge:

Yup- now it definitely looks like a pancreas. I did try one bite, but that was it. It reminded me too much of insulin and pancreatitis (boy I spend too much time in hospitals). It had a meaty flavor and the texture was delicate. I am glad at least one of us was open minded about it (him not me).


Another week bites the dust! This is what we enjoyed while sitting in front of our computers and catching up on Lost.

And our new obsession:

The idea straight from Kath. Pomegranate juice and homemade sparkling water. A very healthy and refreshing beverage!

I have had a weird craving for cauliflower recently so was happy to find a cauliflower gratin recipe in Martha’s cookbook.

I have a very small kitchen, so one thing I often need to do is improvise when I need to make room. This is one trick.

Sometimes you have to use the garbage cans. I often left things cool on one as well. I hope that doesn’t gross anyone out; I do wash the outside quite often.

I realized that I really can’t put the recipe I used on this website so maybe I can just entice people into buying their own copy.

Here was the star of the show:

I have always liked cauliflower more than broccoli because I love the crunchy texture.  It reminds me of going to my Grandma’s house for some reason.

The sauce for the cauliflower was made shallots, mustard, milk and nutmeg. It turned out really nice. I have a feeling Martha really likes using mustard since a lot of her recipes include this.

A recipe included with the cauliflower gratin was “Apples and Smoked Trout on Rye Crisps”.

The final product.

I was a little hesitant to make the trout crisps because the idea of smoked fish has always grossed me out but I really liked it. The apples complimented it very well, and proved once again that I have a lot to learn when it comes to balancing flavors.

The sauce was creme fraiche (from Trader Joe’s) and mustard. Very simple and worked perfectly with the trout and apple.

The cauliflower was very satisfying but I almost felt like it was missing something. I always try to be careful with adding salt, I always want to get by with using less. This recipe could have used another shake or two.

I am hoping that for all these recipes I try I will go back and try to tweak them myself someday to be healthier and with more pizzazz.

Has anyone ever used smoked trout before?

My new toy is a free pedometer that I got at work. I am curious to see how many steps I take everyday since I feel like I am running around a lot. So this morning before I left the house I snapped a photo of the device.

And then 10 hours later when I got home I snapped another picture.

So eight thousand steps later I arrived home! I have heard before that people should shoot for 10,000 steps per day which is about five miles.  I question the accuracy of this device though because I hear it click a lot more than the steps that I am taking. I guess I might have too much of a spring in my step. 😉

I think this could be helpful for people who are goal-oriented and need something to keep them accountable.


My newest obsession is citrus. Specifically, these oranges…

According to Wikipedia, these are “half blood” oranges which is apparent when you look at the flesh. It is a beautiful mix of different orange shades.

I have noticed that they are softer than normal oranges and are a bit tangier. I have already had two today; I am hooked!

We got these at Costco and I am surprised to see how fast this family of two can go through a bag of oranges!

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