My husband brought home this the other day:

It is actually shad roe- a sack full of fish eggs. I hear that it is a delicacy and only available during a short period of time in the spring. I like to think I am open minded about food, but working at a hospital seemed to weaken the appeal of this.

It was pan fried:

And served with a lemon wedge:

Yup- now it definitely looks like a pancreas. I did try one bite, but that was it. It reminded me too much of insulin and pancreatitis (boy I spend too much time in hospitals). It had a meaty flavor and the texture was delicate. I am glad at least one of us was open minded about it (him not me).


Another week bites the dust! This is what we enjoyed while sitting in front of our computers and catching up on Lost.

And our new obsession:

The idea straight from Kath. Pomegranate juice and homemade sparkling water. A very healthy and refreshing beverage!


We have a bit of an addiction to homemade pizza. The key for us is the homemade crust. We start with this recipe:

We throw the ingredients into the breadmaker which will make the perfect dough in 90 minutes. We actually cut this dough in half once out of the bread machine so we are forced to eat pizza two nights in a row.

The other night I used 2.5 cups all purpose flour and 0.5 cups whole wheat flour.

We roll out of the dough, sprinkle it with corn meal and bake it in the oven for about 20 minutes or so before we put on our toppings.

We try to flip the crust once during the process. It becomes brown around the edges before we even put the toppings on. This particular crust was not our best specimen but still tasted good.

Toppings are endless but we like to use whatever we have in the house. Today that consisted of sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.

Plus cheese of course.

It then bakes for another 10 minutes or so, just until we think it is done!

I think it tastes so much healthier than take-out pizza places. Someday when we have a bigger oven I plan on getting a pizza stone so that we can further perfect our recipe. Yum!


My awesome Aunt sent me this cute apron!

Isn’t it adorable?!

I can totally see myself as one of those women who wears an apron completely for the “look” of it. I think I was this woman in another life:


I love her.


I have another day off today. I am about to head to the gym for some body pump. I am officially addicted. I have always felt that I have strong legs but my upper body strength is definitely something to laugh at. I literally could not do a single push up for most of my life. Now I feel like I am finally starting to improve and I think it will help with all other areas of my fitness.

I should do a before and after picture of my “guns”. 🙂

This is what my day has consisted of:



Is this not the cutest loaf of bread? The bread cube!

I spy wheatberries.

My husband created this in our bread maker and threw in some flax and wheatberries which added a nice texture. Honestly there is nothing like warm bread.

I don’t have any good recipes to share because today I was in carb heaven. It rocked. More to come though!


On another note, I am having fun playing with the camera.

It was a fantastically bright and sunny day here in Boston.

My awesome sisters-in-law got me this cute purse for my birthday. I love all the colors.

Cute, huh?

I promise some fun recipes this week, including a cauliflower gratin.

Hi everyone!

The other day I attempted to make cheese from whole fat greek yogurt which is also called “labna”. I was feeling inspired from this recipe in my loaner cookbook.

And it was supposed to look like this:

After doubling up a layer of cheesecloth, even though the recipe made no mention of this, I hung the 2 1/2 cups of greek yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon salt  from our cabinet door.

The first thing I noticed is that greek yogurt was literally oozing out of the cheesecloth. Apparently the holes were too big or maybe I was not gentle enough with it.  I wish that the recipe would have been more specific about how much cheesecloth to use and how many times to layer it. After some Googling I learned that a lot of people just use a dish towel to drain the yogurt and apparently that works well.

The cheese ends up having a kind of cream cheese consistency with a lot more tang.

In the end, it was too salty for my taste. It did have a nice consistency that would be good for a spread and it looked very pretty. Maybe next time I will use less salt.

I was also thinking, as the cheese was hanging in the open for twelve hours, how can this be food safe? In the old’n days people would salt meat to preserve it which also inhibited bacteria growth so maybe that is why it worked. My husband suggested that the healthy bacteria that are already in the yogurt just out competes the germs floating around in the air. Either way, I am still intrigued by the whole process and hope to make it again.

Being from Wisconsin, I feel it is my calling to make a really good cheese. 😀