Breakfast on Saturday morning included all the essentials.



And tons of Simpsons figurines.

What else could we ask for?

Except for a wobbly table that caused many spills. We didn’t ask for that.  It was worth it though.

This small establishment is always packed on the weekends. It serves good and hot food at a reasonable price. Just don’t use the restroom while you are there. Seriously. Not exactly a healthy meal but a great way to start the weekend.

We made up for it at lunch.

We call them “yogurt bowls”.  This one included Red Velvet Yoplait Light Yogurt, almond slivers, ground flax, blackberries and granola.

It was like eating dessert for lunch. One of these days I am going to stop buying light yogurt made with artificial sweetener, but I can’t seem to break the habit just yet. I really like the texture of light yogurt, I think it is all the stabilizers or something.

The big news in Boston this weekend is the marathon.

I can officially say I have marathon fever. I ran both days this weekend and was daydreaming of crossing that finish line on Boylston Street. This won’t end well. 🙂 I wish I could watch the race tomorrow!

At least I can say we had a fun weekend though.

We walked around the city, went to the Museum and tried to catch some of the Red Sox game at the Bleacher Bar.

You can watch the game from inside the bar, there is a garage door that has a one way window (is that right?) that looks out onto the field. It is a fun experience. We would have actually been able to watch the game but there was a rain delay. Great lunch though.

Time to get in the mindset of another productive week!


This weekend I am flying solo. My husband is attending a beer festival in Madison, our college town. I was tempted to go but I prefer more low key weekends and we have been doing a lot of traveling lately.

I have been loving my new gym membership! I finally went to a Body Pump class; they are all the rage in the blog world. The last time I went to one of those classes was about three years ago at my local YMCA and I remember never feeling that sore in my life. Well, I definitely had a flashback.

It totally kicked my butt and I loved it! There were mirrors on the wall in front of us and it was quite the sight to see my gangly arms trying to lift those weights. 😀 I was giggling at myself.

I am excited to see how I progress if I continue to go weekly, which is my plan.


After hitting the gym this morning I decided to make myself a salad.

I am really on a homemade salad kick, I especially love the peanut and dried cranberries. They really add a nice mouthfeel.

This was the star of the show:

I have just started using this canned salmon and I love the alternative to fresh fish. It still has good flavor but is so convenient and the cans last forever. Not to mention that I can always use some more healthy fats in my diet. I just mixed it up with a little light mayo.

I also added one chopped carrot, dried cranberries, peanuts and goat cheese. Plus, my one true love:

Fig balsamic vinegar!

And all together now:

I really wanted to make homemade pizza tonight so I forced myself to use our leftovers from our chicken dinner.

Boy am I glad I did!

I put the leftover lentils on a bed of spinach and added some dried cranberries, peanuts and leftover smoke gouda cheese. I topped it all with a drizzle of fig balsalmic vinegar. It was amazing! I definitely need to rethink leftovers more often.

On another note, I used my husband’s dSLR camera which takes amazing pictures. I swear this looks better on film than it did in real life!

Food can be so pretty.

I ended up going to Bed Bath and Beyond today and got us a new duvet cover which I am really excited about. It’s the small things, right?

Here is our homemade pizza also. What can I say, I love taking photos!

It was some of our best yet. I don’t think this is why, but I learned that you should never scoop flour. Instead, you should spoon it into the measuring cup. The “scooping” compresses it too much, so I learned. Not going to lie, it made a mess to do it that way. Oh well. Have a great night!