My new toy is a free pedometer that I got at work. I am curious to see how many steps I take everyday since I feel like I am running around a lot. So this morning before I left the house I snapped a photo of the device.

And then 10 hours later when I got home I snapped another picture.

So eight thousand steps later I arrived home! I have heard before that people should shoot for 10,000 steps per day which is about five miles.  I question the accuracy of this device though because I hear it click a lot more than the steps that I am taking. I guess I might have too much of a spring in my step. 😉

I think this could be helpful for people who are goal-oriented and need something to keep them accountable.


My newest obsession is citrus. Specifically, these oranges…

According to Wikipedia, these are “half blood” oranges which is apparent when you look at the flesh. It is a beautiful mix of different orange shades.

I have noticed that they are softer than normal oranges and are a bit tangier. I have already had two today; I am hooked!

We got these at Costco and I am surprised to see how fast this family of two can go through a bag of oranges!


Are my racing days over?

Back in college I used to run a lot.

I saved all of my grimy race t-shirts.

It all started with my first 5k race homecoming week of my sophomore year. If you can’t tell, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All I remember of that race was feeling overwhelmed at how fast everyone was going. And seeing Bucky at the finish line. 🙂

Then I ran a half-marathon not too long after that. My fitness level was a lot higher at that time. I remember finishing and not even being out of breath. I don’t remember my time though.

Then came the Chicago marathon.

I have very good memories of this race. I felt great (almost) the entire time. It was a bright, sunny day and the course was fantastic. One of my friends even surprised me at the finish line.

My time was 3:51. At that time, I didn’t even fully appreciate how good that time is.

Until my second marathon, that is.

I bruised my tailbone about three months before this race but had already signed up, and my family bought plane tickets so I ran it anyway. Lets just say that at mile seven I yelled to my Dad that there was no way I would finish.

Well I pretty much walked the entire second half and finished in 5:30. Not my best day. Although my Dad loves to tell people that it was my best day.

Somehow I got talked into running a marathon a week before my wedding with my husband. I was not really into training then but thought it would be a nice challenge.

I was in OK shape. Not exactly prepared for another marathon. I ran pretty well but at mile 18, I saw my parents on the side line and just said, “I’m done”. I knew my body would thank me later. It did. I was not hobbling down the aisle. To this day I don’t regret stopping. It was the right thing to do.

My husband kicked butt and finished in 3:23.

I have great memories or running and training. I hope someday to try another one.