I have had a weird craving for cauliflower recently so was happy to find a cauliflower gratin recipe in Martha’s cookbook.

I have a very small kitchen, so one thing I often need to do is improvise when I need to make room. This is one trick.

Sometimes you have to use the garbage cans. I often left things cool on one as well. I hope that doesn’t gross anyone out; I do wash the outside quite often.

I realized that I really can’t put the recipe I used on this website so maybe I can just entice people into buying their own copy.

Here was the star of the show:

I have always liked cauliflower more than broccoli because I love the crunchy texture. Ā It reminds me of going to my Grandma’s house for some reason.

The sauce for the cauliflower was made shallots, mustard, milk and nutmeg. It turned out really nice. I have a feeling Martha really likes using mustard since a lot of her recipes include this.

A recipe included with the cauliflower gratin was “Apples and Smoked Trout on Rye Crisps”.

The final product.

I was a little hesitant to make the trout crisps because the idea of smoked fish has always grossed me out but I really liked it. The apples complimented it very well, and proved once again that I have a lot to learn when it comes to balancing flavors.

The sauce was creme fraiche (from Trader Joe’s) and mustard. Very simple and worked perfectly with the trout and apple.

The cauliflower was very satisfying but I almost felt like it was missing something. I always try to be careful with adding salt, I always want to get by with using less. This recipe could have used another shake or two.

I am hoping that for all these recipes I try I will go back and try to tweak them myself someday to be healthier and with more pizzazz.

Has anyone ever used smoked trout before?


We went over to our friends’ apartment for dinner last night. I knew this would be a good place to take some photographs because they always prepare really nice looking food and tonight did not disappoint!

We started out enjoying some wine. It was Italian wine called Nero, I believe, which I really liked.

Our friend snapped this awesome picture of the Brie:

The couples:

We have known this couple since freshman year of college which we just determined was eight years ago!

Dinner was started with a spinach salad with apples, walnuts and dried cranberries.

Then we moved onto cauliflower soup (not pictured) and sole which was wrapped around asparagus, carrots and onions with potato gratin.

The fish was flavored with tarragon and steamed and I thought it was extremely flavorful. I really need to cook fish more often, I would have never thought to make this myself.

Dessert was a chocolate mousse type dish with homemade whipping cream and orange peel. It was a very indulgent dessert that was the perfect way to finish out the meal.

This weekend I am flying solo. My husband is attending a beer festival in Madison, our college town. I was tempted to go but I prefer more low key weekends and we have been doing a lot of traveling lately.

I have been loving my new gym membership! I finally went to a Body Pump class; they are all the rage in the blog world. The last time I went to one of those classes was about three years ago at my local YMCA and I remember never feeling that sore in my life. Well, I definitely had a flashback.

It totally kicked my butt and I loved it! There were mirrors on the wall in front of us and it was quite the sight to see my gangly arms trying to lift those weights. šŸ˜€ I was giggling at myself.

I am excited to see how I progress if I continue to go weekly, which is my plan.


After hitting the gym this morning I decided to make myself a salad.

I am really on a homemade salad kick, I especially love the peanut and dried cranberries. They really add a nice mouthfeel.

This was the star of the show:

I have just started using this canned salmon and I love the alternative to fresh fish. It still has good flavor but is soĀ convenientĀ and the cans last forever. Not to mention that I can always use some more healthy fats in my diet. I just mixed it up with a little light mayo.

I also added one chopped carrot, dried cranberries, peanuts and goat cheese. Plus, my one true love:

FigĀ balsamicĀ vinegar!

And all together now: