Sunday night’s dinner turned out really well. The recipe comes from a small cookbook my Mom gave us, “Cooking for Two”. It is really nice to know that the recipe should only be feeding us, but it still made a lot of pasta!

Here are the ingredients:

It was pretty simple. The thing that took the longest was sauteeing the onions and bacon.

But once that was done it comes together very quickly. The final product:

The egg added a creaminess to the dish. We got to use fresh parsley from our garden too!

I used our huge pasta bowels so I had to practice portion control. For me at least, I served myself first and gave the rest to Wayne. 🙂

We also worked on our garden plot this weekend. And by “we” I mean “he”. I started digging in the dirt only to realize that I really don’t like getting dirty. 😉

We have plot number 15. We’ll see what vegetables we got out this season. We already have some kale growing!


Good Morning, Boston!

This is the lovely view I woke up to. I never get sick of it.

Last night was not as nice.

We got a few inches of snow here in Boston.

I wanted to show everyone what I got sucked into last night.


Checking out cookbooks from the library might be one of my new favorite things to do. This was an impulse “check out” and I am really pleased with the results. It has bright, colorful pictures of each and every recipe. But I think my favorite part of this cookbook is the diversity of dishes. It says right on the cover that it has 1000 family recipes from around the World and it is true. In the baking section it has breads that I have never heard of but that definitely intrigue me. I took some snapshots of what I think are interesting recipes.

How amazing does that look?! It is some Australian/New Zealandar mirangue dessert called Pavlova.

But what I really want to make, perhaps today, is cheese made only from greek yogurt. Genius! All I need to do is get some cheesecloth and plain greek yogurt.


I have the day off of work today because I worked the weekend. I work every fourth weekend and usually we get Friday and Monday off but since this was a holiday weekend I got to have Monday off and then another random day. I love being home on weekdays because I feel like I am playing hookey or something. What I don’t like is all the pressure to be productive and go out and do stuff without the crowds of the weekends.

Today I could:

  • Join a gym (finally!)
  • Go to the library
  • Go to Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Sit on the couch
  • Make greek yogurt cheese!

We’ll see what I choose!

This was my breakfast:

If any of you live near Shaws I highly suggest this granola. It is amazing.

Yogurt and granola is my go-to breakfast because it is portable and very filling. I bring it to work every single morning.

Time to seize the day (hopefully)!