I am always trying to find a breakfast that really stays with me for a good 6 hours. My body usually runs like a clock- exactly four hours after breakfast I get my first grumble of the stomach. While I have learned to pack a snack, I still would like to find a remedy for this.

Exhibit A:

These are actually Carrots N Cake’s pumpkin spice cookies. I heated them up and put a dab of almond butter on each. Then greek yogurt with a teaspoon of raspberry preserves and flax. It definitely filled me up at the time- the yogurt in particular. I can tell immediately that the greek yogurt has more protein by how I feel after eating it.

The prognosis:

I still broke out my snack at around 10:30 that morning.

Exhibit B:

Whole wheat bread with almond butter, a banana and chia seeds.

This may be the closest I have to a winner. The problem, we can’t keep a loaf of bread in the house long enough to have this for a daily breakfast. That is my fault. I simply love grocery store whole wheat bread.

The prognosis:

I felt satisfied until about 11 am when I felt a slight tinge but was too busy to stop so made it through until lunch.

Exhibit C (just for fun):

We went to Ireland this summer. This is a traditional Irish breakfast. It was back when we ate meat. 🙂

This is the kind of breakfast that not only fills me up, but sits like a brick in my stomach a large part of the day! I am not one of those people that enjoys hot breakfasts. Give me cold cereal and toast any day of the week. Those round things in the back of the plate are definitely blood pudding, by the way.

Conclusion- I have determined that fat is a necessary component to a lasting breakfast. It also helps to changes things up, gotta keep my stomach on its toes!!

I need more ideas of good breakfasts that last!

Happy October 1st!! This is what Boston is looking like this morning. It is hot, humid and supposed to rain all day. I am looking forward to a weekend of dry cool weather.


Breakfast on Saturday morning included all the essentials.



And tons of Simpsons figurines.

What else could we ask for?

Except for a wobbly table that caused many spills. We didn’t ask for that.  It was worth it though.

This small establishment is always packed on the weekends. It serves good and hot food at a reasonable price. Just don’t use the restroom while you are there. Seriously. Not exactly a healthy meal but a great way to start the weekend.

We made up for it at lunch.

We call them “yogurt bowls”.  This one included Red Velvet Yoplait Light Yogurt, almond slivers, ground flax, blackberries and granola.

It was like eating dessert for lunch. One of these days I am going to stop buying light yogurt made with artificial sweetener, but I can’t seem to break the habit just yet. I really like the texture of light yogurt, I think it is all the stabilizers or something.

The big news in Boston this weekend is the marathon.

I can officially say I have marathon fever. I ran both days this weekend and was daydreaming of crossing that finish line on Boylston Street. This won’t end well. 🙂 I wish I could watch the race tomorrow!

At least I can say we had a fun weekend though.

We walked around the city, went to the Museum and tried to catch some of the Red Sox game at the Bleacher Bar.

You can watch the game from inside the bar, there is a garage door that has a one way window (is that right?) that looks out onto the field. It is a fun experience. We would have actually been able to watch the game but there was a rain delay. Great lunch though.

Time to get in the mindset of another productive week!

Good Morning, Boston!

This is the lovely view I woke up to. I never get sick of it.

Last night was not as nice.

We got a few inches of snow here in Boston.

I wanted to show everyone what I got sucked into last night.


Checking out cookbooks from the library might be one of my new favorite things to do. This was an impulse “check out” and I am really pleased with the results. It has bright, colorful pictures of each and every recipe. But I think my favorite part of this cookbook is the diversity of dishes. It says right on the cover that it has 1000 family recipes from around the World and it is true. In the baking section it has breads that I have never heard of but that definitely intrigue me. I took some snapshots of what I think are interesting recipes.

How amazing does that look?! It is some Australian/New Zealandar mirangue dessert called Pavlova.

But what I really want to make, perhaps today, is cheese made only from greek yogurt. Genius! All I need to do is get some cheesecloth and plain greek yogurt.


I have the day off of work today because I worked the weekend. I work every fourth weekend and usually we get Friday and Monday off but since this was a holiday weekend I got to have Monday off and then another random day. I love being home on weekdays because I feel like I am playing hookey or something. What I don’t like is all the pressure to be productive and go out and do stuff without the crowds of the weekends.

Today I could:

  • Join a gym (finally!)
  • Go to the library
  • Go to Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Sit on the couch
  • Make greek yogurt cheese!

We’ll see what I choose!

This was my breakfast:

If any of you live near Shaws I highly suggest this granola. It is amazing.

Yogurt and granola is my go-to breakfast because it is portable and very filling. I bring it to work every single morning.

Time to seize the day (hopefully)!