I am always trying to find a breakfast that really stays with me for a good 6 hours. My body usually runs like a clock- exactly four hours after breakfast I get my first grumble of the stomach. While I have learned to pack a snack, I still would like to find a remedy for this.

Exhibit A:

These are actually Carrots N Cake’s pumpkin spice cookies. I heated them up and put a dab of almond butter on each. Then greek yogurt with a teaspoon of raspberry preserves and flax. It definitely filled me up at the time- the yogurt in particular. I can tell immediately that the greek yogurt has more protein by how I feel after eating it.

The prognosis:

I still broke out my snack at around 10:30 that morning.

Exhibit B:

Whole wheat bread with almond butter, a banana and chia seeds.

This may be the closest I have to a winner. The problem, we can’t keep a loaf of bread in the house long enough to have this for a daily breakfast. That is my fault. I simply love grocery store whole wheat bread.

The prognosis:

I felt satisfied until about 11 am when I felt a slight tinge but was too busy to stop so made it through until lunch.

Exhibit C (just for fun):

We went to Ireland this summer. This is a traditional Irish breakfast. It was back when we ate meat. 🙂

This is the kind of breakfast that not only fills me up, but sits like a brick in my stomach a large part of the day! I am not one of those people that enjoys hot breakfasts. Give me cold cereal and toast any day of the week. Those round things in the back of the plate are definitely blood pudding, by the way.

Conclusion- I have determined that fat is a necessary component to a lasting breakfast. It also helps to changes things up, gotta keep my stomach on its toes!!

I need more ideas of good breakfasts that last!

Happy October 1st!! This is what Boston is looking like this morning. It is hot, humid and supposed to rain all day. I am looking forward to a weekend of dry cool weather.