I believe this tree is undergoing an identity crisis. Half of it wants to be blazing oranges and reds, the other half is stuck in the lushness of summer. I know which side I prefer, but come on….its only September 23rd!

Fall colors will always remind me of my wedding bouquet.


Dinner tonight may have taken the lead as my favorite fall meal. It was simple and so satisfying. Spaghetti and what used to be meatballs (now tofu) is my comfort meal. Carbs carbs carbs.

Oh yeah. Grilled tofu, on the George Foreman, atop a bed of spaghetti squash and TJ’s marinara sauce. Fantastic.

One thing I realized is that it didn’t fill me up like actual spaghetti does, but in a good way. I didn’t feel weighed down. Plus, one cup of the squash has something like 45 calories?!

Rock on fall.