This is how my day started. See the ❤ ?

Gotta get some use out of that espresso maker!

I am at home today working on some personal projects and stopped for lunch. I was inspired by this recipe I saw in Cooking Light. I converted it from quesadilla to sandwich form and was pleased with the results.

I started with whole wheat bread smeared with double cream brie that was one sale at Shaw’s. Love that.

Then I found a use for this little guy, fresh from the pickin’ last weekend.

Sliced it real thin…

Dotted the brie with mustard.

On to arugula

About five minutes on the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling machine and it was perfect.

I would add more apple next time. I am usually afraid of overdoing fruit flavors, but the mustard was what I mostly tasted. Very good though. I forgot how much I love brie.

Happy first day of fall!! I am planning on enjoying every second of it.