Sunday night’s dinner turned out really well. The recipe comes from a small cookbook my Mom gave us, “Cooking for Two”. It is really nice to know that the recipe should only be feeding us, but it still made a lot of pasta!

Here are the ingredients:

It was pretty simple. The thing that took the longest was sauteeing the onions and bacon.

But once that was done it comes together very quickly. The final product:

The egg added a creaminess to the dish. We got to use fresh parsley from our garden too!

I used our huge pasta bowels so I had to practice portion control. For me at least, I served myself first and gave the rest to Wayne. 🙂

We also worked on our garden plot this weekend. And by “we” I mean “he”. I started digging in the dirt only to realize that I really don’t like getting dirty. 😉

We have plot number 15. We’ll see what vegetables we got out this season. We already have some kale growing!