My husband brought home this the other day:

It is actually shad roe- a sack full of fish eggs. I hear that it is a delicacy and only available during a short period of time in the spring. I like to think I am open minded about food, but working at a hospital seemed to weaken the appeal of this.

It was pan fried:

And served with a lemon wedge:

Yup- now it definitely looks like a pancreas. I did try one bite, but that was it. It reminded me too much of insulin and pancreatitis (boy I spend too much time in hospitals). It had a meaty flavor and the texture was delicate. I am glad at least one of us was open minded about it (him not me).


Another week bites the dust! This is what we enjoyed while sitting in front of our computers and catching up on Lost.

And our new obsession:

The idea straight from Kath. Pomegranate juice and homemade sparkling water. A very healthy and refreshing beverage!