My new toy is a free pedometer that I got at work. I am curious to see how many steps I take everyday since I feel like I am running around a lot. So this morning before I left the house I snapped a photo of the device.

And then 10 hours later when I got home I snapped another picture.

So eight thousand steps later I arrived home! I have heard before that people should shoot for 10,000 steps per day which is about five miles.  I question the accuracy of this device though because I hear it click a lot more than the steps that I am taking. I guess I might have too much of a spring in my step. 😉

I think this could be helpful for people who are goal-oriented and need something to keep them accountable.


My newest obsession is citrus. Specifically, these oranges…

According to Wikipedia, these are “half blood” oranges which is apparent when you look at the flesh. It is a beautiful mix of different orange shades.

I have noticed that they are softer than normal oranges and are a bit tangier. I have already had two today; I am hooked!

We got these at Costco and I am surprised to see how fast this family of two can go through a bag of oranges!