Are my racing days over?

Back in college I used to run a lot.

I saved all of my grimy race t-shirts.

It all started with my first 5k race homecoming week of my sophomore year. If you can’t tell, I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. All I remember of that race was feeling overwhelmed at how fast everyone was going. And seeing Bucky at the finish line. 🙂

Then I ran a half-marathon not too long after that. My fitness level was a lot higher at that time. I remember finishing and not even being out of breath. I don’t remember my time though.

Then came the Chicago marathon.

I have very good memories of this race. I felt great (almost) the entire time. It was a bright, sunny day and the course was fantastic. One of my friends even surprised me at the finish line.

My time was 3:51. At that time, I didn’t even fully appreciate how good that time is.

Until my second marathon, that is.

I bruised my tailbone about three months before this race but had already signed up, and my family bought plane tickets so I ran it anyway. Lets just say that at mile seven I yelled to my Dad that there was no way I would finish.

Well I pretty much walked the entire second half and finished in 5:30. Not my best day. Although my Dad loves to tell people that it was my best day.

Somehow I got talked into running a marathon a week before my wedding with my husband. I was not really into training then but thought it would be a nice challenge.

I was in OK shape. Not exactly prepared for another marathon. I ran pretty well but at mile 18, I saw my parents on the side line and just said, “I’m done”. I knew my body would thank me later. It did. I was not hobbling down the aisle. To this day I don’t regret stopping. It was the right thing to do.

My husband kicked butt and finished in 3:23.

I have great memories or running and training. I hope someday to try another one.