This weekend I am flying solo. My husband is attending a beer festival in Madison, our college town. I was tempted to go but I prefer more low key weekends and we have been doing a lot of traveling lately.

I have been loving my new gym membership! I finally went to a Body Pump class; they are all the rage in the blog world. The last time I went to one of those classes was about three years ago at my local YMCA and I remember never feeling that sore in my life. Well, I definitely had a flashback.

It totally kicked my butt and I loved it! There were mirrors on the wall in front of us and it was quite the sight to see my gangly arms trying to lift those weights. šŸ˜€ I was giggling at myself.

I am excited to see how I progress if I continue to go weekly, which is my plan.


After hitting the gym this morning I decided to make myself a salad.

I am really on a homemade salad kick, I especially love the peanut and dried cranberries. They really add a nice mouthfeel.

This was the star of the show:

I have just started using this canned salmon and I love the alternative to fresh fish. It still has good flavor but is soĀ convenientĀ and the cans last forever. Not to mention that I can always use some more healthy fats in my diet. I just mixed it up with a little light mayo.

I also added one chopped carrot, dried cranberries, peanuts and goat cheese. Plus, my one true love:

FigĀ balsamicĀ vinegar!

And all together now: