Well I attended my first spinning class at Healthworks and it was awesome!! I love everything about it. The loud, fast music, the large group and the workout. It really gets my heart rate up. I am actually feeling kind of motivated to make some kind of fitness goal, but I want it to be both realistic and challenging. I tend to think of something extreme and set my mind on it….for about a week. I am excited to try out more classes. It should be interesting to see how it works going after work since it is in a busy part of Boston, right on Comm Ave.

I have been wanting to make polenta lately and we finally picked some up at the store. I again tweaked a recipe and made it my own.

I started out my sautéing one package of baby bella mushrooms in about 1 Tbsp butter and 1 tsp oil. After it cooked for a good ten minutes I added about 1/2 cup of the red wine that we had lying around.

We enjoyed a glass as well. 🙂

After adding the wine and letting it reduce for about ten minutes, I added about 1 tsp flour and another 1 Tbsp oil. It turned into this:

I love the purple color. The flavor was also awesome! Very light but full of flavor. I was telling my husband that it didn’t even need salt, it had tons of flavor without it. Would it be bad to tell my patients to cook with wine?

I added a handful of spinach after the roux was made. I thought it would add some nice color and nutrition. I like the idea of always having some fresh spinach on hand.

I baked slices of polenta in the oven at 400 degrees for a good 25 minutes. I just drizzled them in olive oil and added some salt and pepper. They didn’t brown! I had it in my head that they would brown nicely but it just cooked and sizzled. Oh well.

This was the finished product.

I layered four polenta slices on the plate and then added the mushroom sauce. It was a very light dinner. The bad thing is that now we have a few polenta slices left with no sauce. Tomorrow night will probably consist of throwing together some leftovers.