Hi everyone!

The other day I attempted to make cheese from whole fat greek yogurt which is also called “labna”. I was feeling inspired from this recipe in my loaner cookbook.

And it was supposed to look like this:

After doubling up a layer of cheesecloth, even though the recipe made no mention of this, I hung the 2 1/2 cups of greek yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon salt  from our cabinet door.

The first thing I noticed is that greek yogurt was literally oozing out of the cheesecloth. Apparently the holes were too big or maybe I was not gentle enough with it.  I wish that the recipe would have been more specific about how much cheesecloth to use and how many times to layer it. After some Googling I learned that a lot of people just use a dish towel to drain the yogurt and apparently that works well.

The cheese ends up having a kind of cream cheese consistency with a lot more tang.

In the end, it was too salty for my taste. It did have a nice consistency that would be good for a spread and it looked very pretty. Maybe next time I will use less salt.

I was also thinking, as the cheese was hanging in the open for twelve hours, how can this be food safe? In the old’n days people would salt meat to preserve it which also inhibited bacteria growth so maybe that is why it worked. My husband suggested that the healthy bacteria that are already in the yogurt just out competes the germs floating around in the air. Either way, I am still intrigued by the whole process and hope to make it again.

Being from Wisconsin, I feel it is my calling to make a really good cheese. 😀