Tonight I made a recipe from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home cookbook, with a few tweaks.  I have never really roasted a chicken before. The recipe called for four bone-in chicken breasts but unfortuantely there were only two at the grocery store so I also had to get some thighs. I slathered the chicken in margarine (the recipe called for butter) and salt and pepper (the recipe called for all kinds of herbs which I omitted) and simply roasted it at 450 for about 30-35 minutes. Surprisingly it turned out golden on the outside and juicy on the inside. I think the fact that the chicken still had its bones really helped to retain some moisture. Score!

One nice thing about this cookbook is that it is brokens up into seasons of the year and then also gives recipes for entire meals. So all three recipes that I used were made to be served together.

I had never cooked endive before but this is the before picture:

This is usually served raw in salads but roasting it brings out the bitter flavors (or at least thats what the cookbook tells me). Honestly, I never would have thought that bringing out bitter flavors would be a good thing!

After roasting I added some sherry vinegar to the endive and put it back in the oven for about 5-10 minutes. I was surprised to taste it and see how well the flavors worked together.

The lentils were boiled with celery and shallots. I am very sensitive to anything from the onion family so my secret weapon when chopping onions or shallots are these goggles.

I could not take a picture where I didn’t look like a dork!

What a great invention!

I was worried that boiling the lentils and vegetables would leach out some of the flavors but I don’t think that happened. After it boiled for about 25 minutes I drained it, added the contents back to the pan and added some olive oil with spinach. It was so simple! I think next time I might omit the oil. I really don’t see what it added to the dish.

Here is what the meal was supposed to look like:

And this is how it turned out:

Not too bad! This is my plate that had the thigh. The breast meat turned out better I thought.

Thanks to Martha for nourishing us so well tonight!