Hi everyone! Welcome to Brooke’s Bites. I wanted to start a blog to join the community of healthy living/eating blogs that I have been following for so long. I am a clinical dietitian working in a medium sized community hospital south of Boston. I like working in this area of nutrition because it is only a little bit of “food” stuff and a lot of “medicine” stuff which is the balance that I like.

I am always trying to be more experimental in the kitchen and I hope this blog will inspire me to try different things.

I wanted to start by showing my workspace. My husband and I live in a family housing high rise apartment on the campus where my husband is in graduate school. In one word, I would say that my kitchen is “modest”. I have been told that the fact that we cook in it so much is quite impressive. We hardly even notice, unless we are both trying to work at the same time. ūüôā

Here we go, the view from the doorway:

Yep, we have our cabinets full to the brim.  Some are pretty much bursting open. 

I always think it is nice to get a full view of someone’s kitchen. It gives people a good idea of what they are working with and what their style is. I am sorry to say there isn’t much color in our kitchen.¬†

Here is the inside of the cabinets over the sink.


And this is a close up of our everyday dishes and dessert bowls that we use for a lot of things. The dessert bowls were an impulse registry item that turned out to be one of our favorites. We recently got the wire ledge that helps with space management.


Here is our food cabinet that is mostly a hodge podge of different oils, vinegars and random canned foods. 

It is a complete mess. I even spy some spilled splenda from my early morning coffee ritual. Oops. ūüėĬ†

The purple bottle is fig balsamic vinegar from a fancy store on Newbury Street. It is a splurge that was well worth the price because it has unbelievable flavor!

Now our jam-packed fridge. My yogurt obsession becomes immediately obvious. Other blog influences are also visible including POM juice and costco almond butter.


Some other notables…


Our freezer (also jam-packed):

Last but not least is a view of our fridge and stove side by side. If there was one thing I want more than extra counter space it would be a bigger stove. It is a cute little guy though!


Putting pictures of my kitchen up for the whole World to see makes me feel kind of exposed but I like it! 

I will be back tonight to share a Martha inspired chicken dinner!